Organic lawn care

Well this isn’t directly related to our farm, but just about all of us Americans have a bit of lawn to tend.  Interested in doing the same thing but differently?  Check out this page.

This site is affiliated with, a permaculture website.  What’s permaculture?  Good question, it’s kind of hard to define- like sustainability.  Think of it as companion planting, letting animals do work for you, and designing your yard/farm/village the way nature would want you to- all rolled in to one.  Interested?  Maybe the best way to describe it is hugelculture.  I first read about this in early spring 2013.  Immediately I thought “Duh, of course!”.  So I built one.

Here is the page where I first learned of hugelculture.  I also have a post on this website about hugelculture, but it’s mostly copied and pasted from that page.

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