May 2014


I think I mentioned this earlier, spring is a busy time of year on a farm.  Exciting and busy.  It’s funny how we go from winter to spring, not busy to very busy.

What happened in May?  It was a big month for us.  We bought 3 Hereford cows!  2 of these will be our breeding stock, the 3rd is for beef.  She is not good breeding material due to a twist of her spine.  Her previous owner named her Twister.  Names, we need names.  They have ear tags, 215, 227, and 228.  We need names for 215 and 228.

20140519_180826 (Large)

Here they are eating some organic kelp (their mineral source).  What should we name them?  Sue and Moo?  They are girls and we hope to have them for 10+ yrs.

We had our first open farm and I’d say it was a success.  We met a bunch of neighbors, gave a bunch of tours, and sold a bunch of pork.  It was a good way to spend the day.

Our gardens are in, almost in their entirety!  Lots of digging, pitchforking, digging, raking, and calluses.  This year we are putting a big emphasis on winter squash.  Things we can store that we can eat and the animal can eat them too.  Lots of tomatoes, chilis, beans, peas, turnips, carrots…  We missed the asparagus harvest on our farm.  If you don’t know where they are, it’s hard to find them.  Now they’ve gone to seed and they’re easy to find now.  Next spring we hope to get a bunch of fresh wild asparagus off our farm.

Our chicks went out to pasture.  Normally this happens at about 3 weeks of age, but we were in the midst of a cold spell and they were almost 4 weeks old by the time they went out.  The broilers and turkeys are doing great.  Our layers and pullets are getting along, but there is stress out there.  The layers have pretty much stopped laying.  Grrr.

Broilers and turkeys together, at least of a few weeks.

Broilers and turkeys together, at least of a few weeks.

We are doing the broilers differently this year.  Last year we had 2 significant predator events.  So I put the birds in a bit of electric netting.  The netting keeps the birds in and the 4 footed predators out.  Since they have the netting for protection, they don’t need walls on their pen.  So you can see the simple shelter I made them.  It’s on skis, so I can pull it around the pasture really easily.  They get moved everyday so their poop spreads out and fertilizes the pasture.  So far it’s been working great.  The birds are a bit of an easy target for hawks and owls.  But I don’t think we’ve lost any yet, they do keep an eye out and when one flies by then all run under the roof.

Overall, a very positive month for us.


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