Fried grasshopper

When we were traveling through Asia we came across a lot of cooked insect sellers.  Here is one market we came across on a remote border between Thailand and Cambodia.  The unique thing about what this person was selling was the size of the insects.  They’re huge!

P1110237 (Large)Most of the people All of the people at this border crossing are Thai’s going into a casino on the Cambodian side.  It was connected to the border through a sidewalk that was surrounded on both sides and the top with chain link fence.  No doors on the casino except the entrance.

Anyway, today I came across fried grashopper of a different sort.  I was in the house doing brewery work and suddenly I heard loud snapping from the electric fence.  Always the curious sort, I went out to look to see what happened.

20140725_131627 (Large)I always tell visitors “Don’t touch the electric fence”.


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