A new rooster…

Normally we start our day with morning chores.  We hope to find cattle and pigs still in the right place and no missing birds.  Almost every day is how we want it to be.

This week something funny happened.  Somehow we have a new rooster.

He’s full grown and the ladies seem to like him, but where did he come from?  My guess is somebody wanted to get rid of him and threw him in our pasture.  Roosters being roosters, he found his way in to the pen with the hens.  Great, now what.  We already have 1 young rooster, now we have 2.  We definitely do not need 2 roosters, and we might not even want 1 of them (they are very noisy).

20140725_132237 (Large)

Hmmmm.  3 options.  We can keep them both (not likely).  We can eat 1 of them.  Or we can feed 1 of them to the pigs.

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