August 2014

August has been mellow again here on the farm.  Harvest has been ongoing, but mostly from other sites.  I killed all of our tomato and chili plants early in the spring, I drowned them when I was irrigating the pasture.  That won’t happen again…  So harvesting our own veggies hasn’t really been happening.  But we did can a bunch of organic peaches from Palisade, made a bunch of apple sauce and dried a lot of apples, and did various things to a whole lot of plums thanks to our neighbor Louise.

We also made a fair amount of kimchee, harvested our millet, oats and sunflowers.  Busy for sure, but not too bad really.  One thing I want to try is drying kimchee, but I’m afraid of the effects it might have on our dehyrdrator- as in stank that doesn’t wash off.

Our pigs have been digging for us lately, which is what we want.  Due to our tomato drowning event, we are going to move our garden.  The pigs are getting started on that.  They are really amazing, if the ground is wet they can do a lot of work in a few days.  They love bindweed roots, kochia, and other weeds.  Plus we get to sell them and make a little money on it all.  Not bad.

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