We have eggs!

The following was our email newsletter sent out to customers in October 2014:


How many ways can we say this?  Finally.  At long last.  With relief, we finally have eggs for sale.
Farming/ranching/growing is certainly not an instant gratification thing.  Deciding what to do.  Doing the research.  Saving money.  Purchasing the seeds, stock, or getting on a waiting list.  Receiving the youngin’s, raising them as best you can and hoping to get many returns for all of the work.
Happily, we are at a point where we have eggs for sale.  These are pasture raised, non-GMO fed, pig fightin’ hens.  Hens start laying eggs at about 5 months of age.  After 3 weeks in the brooder as little fluff balls, they spent the entire summer on pasture with daily moves.  Fresh grass, fresh insects, fresh things to dig in every day.  With the days getting shorter they have been moved in to their winter quarters.  This means the are free range all day long, all winter long.  Also means we have to remember to close their door every night to keep the sharp toothed critters away.  Every night.
New for this year is we have a rooster in with the ladies.  So far he has been alert and friendly.  And noisy.  A good rooster is good to have, he warns if a hawk flies over, rounds up the gals at the end of the day, and theoretically points out tasty treats.  Generally a protector.  Staying nice is a key component too, they can get mean (towards us).  We’ll see how it goes.

So how many eggs so we have for sale?  Keep in mind these are animals, not machines- we should have about 7 dozen eggs to sell each week.  Cost is $5 per dozen.  Pasture raised, free range, non-GMO fed…
Something to think about heading in to winter, and spring(!).  We will be raising pigs this winter for sale around May 1.  In the winter the pigs do the heavy gardening work for us.  They will dig down about 2 feet in their mobile pen.  We fill the hole with leaves and old hay, then they bury that material as they dig a new hole (looking for roots).  The can take compacted, weedy clay soil and turn it in to awesome high organic material garden soil in 1 winter.  One of their favorite treats is bindweed root!  We have plenty of that around here.  We’ll be selling this pork at the Montrose Farmers Market in the spring, but if you preorder a half or whole pig the cost will be much lower.
Looking further ahead, we’ll have pastured poultry in the summer, grass fed beef in August, and grass fed lamb and pastured pork in the fall.  And hopefully eggs every day year round.
Let us know if you’re interested in eggs, or if you want in on any of the goodies coming up next year.  Thank you!

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