January 2015

A few big items of news for January.  But keep in mind this is a farm blog, so big is certainly a relative term.

Our experiment with swathed stockpiled forage is complete.  I’d say we got mixed results and that it’s worth doing again.  The cattle have been getting about 2.2 bales of hay a day since that experiment ended on Jan 7.  The swathed grass we cut on the east side of our property worked just fine.  The cattle ate all of it.  The grass we cut on the west side of the property molded.  A few issues here…  The soil in that part of the farm is normally wetter than in other areas.  The ditch in front had water in it far longer than typical, which also contributed to the moist soils.  And the grass itself was very thick, leading to a dense windrow.  Overall this was a cool experiment, and I think we’ll do it again- just not in that particular area.  Moving a single string of electric fence wire is a lot more fun than hauling 2 bales of hay every day.

We went to Mexico as a family for 9 days!  We celebrated Jemma’s first birthday in Mexico, and it was fantastic.  The locals down there called her ‘Baby feliz’, Happy Baby.  We were in Sayulita, a small town about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta.  Surfing, boogie boarding, and stand up paddle boarding in the surf.  Fun fun.  We shared a house with some friends from Bend, OR, Shawn & Veronica Theriot and their 3 yr old boy Nolan.

And we have piglets again!  Maybe having pigs around is something we should get used to.  Here is a video of them, I crack up every time I see it:

You can see all of the bags of leaves around their pen.  As the pigs get bigger their pen will get bigger.  This is the new location of our vegetable garden.  Their job this winter is to shred those leaves (and moldy hay;) and till them into the soil.  Eating bindweed root while they’re at it.  Pigs love bindweed root!

Much thanks to Jeff Follis for taking care of the farm while we were beaching it up down south.  All of the animals behaved for him and he had a good ol’ time.

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