August 2015

It seems like it’s been forever coming, but we’re finally making money with the farm! How’s that for some news.

Our grass fed, grass finished beef sales have been going well- and of course it’s delicious. Pasture raised chicken sales have been going well too.

As far as everything else here on the farm, the growy season is starting to wind down. Now it’s harvest time, preserving time, and getting ready for fall and winter. That’s OK, summer in Montrose is a little too hot for me.

Our pullets are just starting to lay eggs now. A pullet is a young laying hen before she starts to lay eggs. Once all of these birds start laying, we are going to have 20-25 dozen eggs available every week! That sounds like a lot, but hopefully they sell quickly and we don’t need to feed them to our pigs or dog.

Speaking of pigs, we will be taking orders for pigs soon for delivery in May. This could be a half or whole pig. Think about it, we’ll be in touch. We’ll also have pork available at the Montrose Farmers Market next summer.

Our vegetable garden did very well this summer. We kind of go for a free for all out there. The plants get tall, the weeds do too. Our tomatos are bountiful to say the least. Winter squash are coming along, summer squash have been great. Our cucumbers are doing less than great. Our greens kind of bolted, when Jake was here for the summer he brought a lot of greens home from Circle A and ours got neglected. The cows like ’em though.

One change we might do is stop feeding millet to our hens. They love it, it’s non-GMO, and cheap. But it regrows like crazy. Normally I would say this isn’t a problem, but the plant seems to drop the seeds before I get a chance to harvest them. It’s kind of like broccoli, there is about a 2 day window for harvesting- miss those 2 days and it’s over.

Our turkeys are doing great. They are characters, very different from chickens. Our chickens are not pets and they generally avoid us. Our turkeys aren’t pets either, but they hang out with us and are curious about whatever it is we’re doing. A fun summer activity is catching grasshoppers and giving them to the turkeys. Jemma is all about it, ‘Hoppers, turkeys’! She loves seeing the turkeys catch the hoppers and then try to steal from each other. They turkeys are getting bigger and getting better at swallowing them whole. Jemma isn’t super keen on touching the hoppers, but loves to watch them jump and crash land. Fingers crossed that a fox doesn’t get to the turkeys before we do.

20150824_192252 (Large) 20150814_131538 (Large)

I made a flyer about the benefits of grass fed beef to hand out at the farmers market. You can read it here. I’m very certain this is the best way to raise beef, both for the health of humans, cattle, and the planet.

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