December 2015

I really like winter on the farm.  Summer is a lot of work.

Chores that about 20 minutes every morning and evening.  In the summer it’s about an hour every morning and evening.  I love it, it’s good exercise and it’s great spending time with the animals.

We also get to eat our bountiful harvests.  We have too much meat, and we also have a freezer full of all sorts of our veggies, and a pantry full of home canned sauces, jams, and fruits.

I have to be better about lunches, maybe that should be my new years resolution?  Even though I work from home, I rarely have time to cook lunch, eat it, then do the dishes.

We have one ewe who is very pregnant.  Hopefully the rest are pregnant and due when it’s a little warmer.  All of the ewe’s have ear tags, but I don’t like calling them 18, 19, 20, etc.  So their names are the last number on the tag- with a Y on the end.  3y (pronouned like ‘belly’) is the one due within a week or two.

All of the cattle are doing great.

20151212_074024 (Medium)

All 5 of them sharing the feeder. The 2 big cows (brown) kind of beat up on the small calves of the left, sometimes the calves have to wait until the cows are done eating to get their share.

Our chickens and pigs are cohabitating for the winter.  So far so good, the pigs haven’t figured out that chicken tastes good.  But they do know their eggs are tasty.

20151217_145804 (Medium)

The hen house is the upper part, the pigs live in the straw bale portion under it. Pretty weater proof and toasty warm on a sunny day. The pigs body heat might give the chickens a little warmth on those cold nights. Might.


20151217_145821 (Medium)

This whole thing is parked on part of our garden. There is plenty of fertilizer being applied now, and when the pigs get bigger the digging will really start. There are lots and lots of leaves and hay on the ground where it looks like dirt, that will get worked in to the soil this spring from a combination of pig feet, pig noses, and chicken feet.

Stay warm everyone!

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