May 2016

The big news for the month is we have a calf! (picture above)

He was born on May 26th. This is the first calf born on our farm since we’ve owned it. What a long process, and of course very rewarding!

The mama cow Moo had no trouble during calving; I actually was home during birth but was busy with brewery work and missed it! What a bummer.

He’s a bull calf and he’s doing great. Another calf is coming soon from mama cow Sue. Once that calf arrives the next task is castration. The fun never ends! Seriously, that calf loves running around and it’ll be double the mayhem with 2 of them.

We sold 5 of our 6 ewes. Kind of a bummer, but we simply don’t have enough pasture. I should have done the math sooner and figured it out, but the short story is they were eating more than I thought they would. We have one ewe and 3 lambs left, and they will all taste mighty yummy later this summer. Why do we have one ewe left? She got loose during loading of the trailer, so by default she stays.

Our broilers are coming along. Meat birds are simply frustrating to raise. See me at the farmers market for the full story:)

Did you see it? I was on the pack page of the Montrose Mirror with my new fangled bicycle trailer freezer. I was riding fully loaded early on a Saturday morning, heading to the Montrose Farmers Market and a gal yelled from a moving car ‘Can I take your picture?’ So I slam on the brakes and she turns around, only to discover she doesn’t have her camera. We lost the moment, but she did come to the farmers market later that morning for a picture. But it’s not the same without everything- including me, on a moving bike.

I guess that story leads to the 2nd big story for the month. I’m back at the farmer’s market. This year I have non-GMO fed Berkshire pork, non-GMO fed meat chickens, grass fed beef, and later I’ll have a bit of lamb. I’m also going to have chamomile tea later this summer.

How is our straw bale garden coming along? Not as well as the plants in the soil, and that is very annoying considering each bale has a rediculous amount of fertilizer in it. It looks like the biggest problem is the bales don’t hold the moisture as well as our soil. Thanks pigs!

20160603_123659 (Medium) 20160603_123704 (Medium)

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