August 2016

The biggest news of the month is we have a bull again. He is one beautiful animal.

P1200290 (Large)

His name is Bo and he’s from Clifton. He’s a registered Red Shorthorn, very gentle and very big. He’s about 2000 lbs and is gentle enough to eat out of my hand. Hopefully we get a few heifers next spring, we’ll keep them for breeding.

Very glad to find him. We were initially looking at AI because we couldn’t find a bull. Then we did find a bull in Eckert, and the day I went to pick him up his owner noticed he had pinkeye. Super contagious and I didn’t want to bring him in. As the last moment we found Bo, and he had been great.

The other big news for the month is tomatos! Holy cow. We are picking about one 5-gal bucket of tomatos per week. Lots of sauce making, roasting, freezing, yum. Emily roasted one batch and I turned it in to fermented ketchup. It turned out really good and we have about a half gallon of it.

We don’t do a lot of weeding in our garden, so it’s a lush green jungle out there.

P1200341 (Large)

Our meat chickens are doing great. We had <5% loss with this last batch. The last round of chicken butchering is slated for Sept 6, they will be almost 7 weeks old. We will also be culling some older hens that day. I guess it’s not a good day to be a chicken on our farm.

My brewery work has been very busy lately. This makes fitting in the farm work a bit of a challenge. But it’s all good and life is just busy sometimes. See you in October.

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